Enjoy the Luxury of a Bathtub

Showers are wonderful when the goal is to get clean and get out the door in the morning. They are quick, take very little water, and are ideal for a household with several family members. Sometimes; however, there is clawfoot shower kit like the relaxation and luxurious sensation of spending hours in a tub filled with hot water.

clawfoot tub and shower

During the 1800’s bathroom tub styles were designed for the very wealthy because they were rare and expensive. Most were made of porcelain or cast iron and adorned with claw feet. The rim was rolled so people could hold on tight to get in and out of the deep tubs.


Today, rolled rims are found on the old fashioned tubs. Later styles became available to increase comfort. The slipper style is preferred for those who love to lounge in the tub. One end is raised and sloped so bathers can lean back and enjoy the experience.

A double slipper tub is raised and sloped at both ends. A double ended bathtub is one that has both ends rounded. This is perfect for sitting straight up in the tub to read, talk on the phone, or sip some wine.


One factor to keep in mind About Clawfoot Tubs is the size of them. Compared to standard bathtubs, the clawfoot design is bigger and deeper. This is a consideration when deciding upon a tub for a specific bathroom.

An antique model will also be much heavier than tubs found in homes these days. clawfoot tub plumbing are now made of acrylics, fiberglass, and lightweight composite materials. Homeowners who are seeking original materials will want to do some additional reading regarding structural requirements for safely having a heavy tub installed.


A large and deep tub has several advantages over the more common shallow shower enclosures that are included in most homes and apartments. One is the space. It is more stable when bathing toddlers and growing children, and more convenient. Placing siblings in the tub at once makes bath time go faster.

Versatility is another benefit. The tub can be fitted with a shower hose and a curtain frame when the luxury of a soothing bath must wait. Clean up time is easier than taking a shower in a small square because water is less likely to splash all over the floor.

The value of the house goes up when a tub is installed because people need ways to unwind and calm the body and mind after a long work day. A clawfoot tub is the perfect remedy for stress, grime, and a quiet break from the world.

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